About Us

Global Maritime Jobs is a Rotterdam (the Netherlands) based employment network.
We offer a worldwide platform where jobseekers and employers of the maritime and offshore industry meet.
In response to a growing demand for maritime personnel, we started a linkedin employment group back in 2013.
The group grew in size rapidly, nowadays it is one of the biggest maritime oriented groups.  
In addition to the success of our linkedin employement group, we think we are able to help the maritime sector even more.
Our mission is to create a powerful employment network for the maritime sector.
We think this network should be a platform where job seekers and employers can easily meet.
The platform exists out of a big database with resumes of maritime personnel and company profiles.
Employers can easily find suitable staff by posting job adverts with enhanced preferences or by searching efficiently in our resume database.
Jobseekers are able to create a detailed profile showing their competences directly to searching employers.
Moreover, jobseekers are able to search easily for jobs who satisfy their needs.  
Our jobseeker services come free of charge. Employers are paying a fee according to the chosen services.
We will be looking forward to serving you in the near future.