Electro Technical Officer (ETO)



Electro Technical Officer (ETO)


Engine: 1st ETO, Electrotechnical Officer

Employment Type:

Full time, Contractor, Intern





Job Description:

As a Electro Technical Officer you will be handling several responsibilities on this DSV DP3 vessel mainly related to electrical systems. Like most jobs at sea, as a ship officer handling electronics on a vessel, you are to work under a chief engineer who supervises everything on this DSV DP3 vessel. And while under a chief engineer, your ship jobs would include the following things.

  • Maintenance and working of electrical equipments on board;
  • Working of electrical parts like engine rooms, radio communications, electronic navigation needs like echo sounders, Gyro compass, Weather Fax, auto pilot, RADAR system, Broadcast and internal aerial system, telephone and talk back system and satellite communications;
  • Look into basic electric needs like refrigeration, bridge systems and control rooms, diving systems and ROV’s;
  • Maintenance of emergency systems including emergency switches, fire alarms and detectors;
  • Vessel’s electrical components like navigational lights, battery backups and electrically operated propelling machinery;
  • Assist chief officer in handling routine works especially related to electrical handling;
  • Coordinate work with on shore technicians;
  • During emergencies, an electrical officer plays important role like every other ship officer. You would be required to handle the emergency situations and ensure all the equipment needed for safety is always ready;
  • An electro technical officer looks into electrical and technical aspects on a vessel. Hence working of computer controlled machinery would be supervised by an ETO;
  • An electrical officer is immensely important on new generation DSV DP3 vessel, which have huge electrical requirements and unmanned technology handling them. Everything from refrigeration to Diving systems on this vessel would come under your supervision as an electro technical officer.

Bottom line: you are responsible for the efficient, safe running and maintenance of the electrical, diving and ROV equipment and deck machinery on board of the vessel

Experience is preferred, but the right mentality of hard work and team player are much more important.

Job Requirements:

  • A foundation degree in electrical/engineering/electrical engineering/marine engineering field
  • Electro technical training like STCW 95 basic safety training course including fire fighting, fire prevention, elementary first aid course training
  • ENG1’ seafarer’s medical certificate and/or certification for physical and mental fitness
  • Training in DP Maintenance would may come as an added advantage
  • Due to the operating area of this vessel, candidate must have a passport form a Commonwealth member-state. Commonwealth countries are: http://thecommonwealth.org/member-countries
  • Training for handling electrical, navigational and communication equipment, Like High Voltage
  • A course in Electro Technical engineering (optional but not necessary but may come as an added advantage)
  • As Per New STCW-2010 Manila amendments, Elector technical officer has to obtain certificate of competency from Maritime Authorities  by applying for exams conducted by them.
  • Working experience on a DP2 or DP3 vessels and of Diving Vessels;
  • Good command of the English language;
  • You have an independent and safe attitude with quality awareness and responsibility;
  • You have a friendly and flexible attitude with regard to working hours;
  • Willingness to work abroad on a regular basis, ranging from a week to several months;
  • You are a team player who thinks along and can improvise on location;
  • You show initiative, are accurate and creative in finding solutions.
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CSC Crewing
Capelle a/d IJssel, Netherlands

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